Hi, I’m Danny,
There is a saying in Yoga world. “Yoga found me when<insert life event here>”. It can sound a bit of a clichéd, a bit corny, kind of contrived – and you definitely do not have to be going through some Eastenders drama to discover, practice and benefit from Yoga. Yet still, there’s a truth in that people will sometimes find themselves at their first yoga class when life is, either physically or mentally, cutting up a bit rough. Yoga has a kind of gravitational pull like that. And, so it was with me.
Discovering yoga (or it finding me :p ) helped me straighten my mind and get some needed balance and order back when not much else was working. And it still does.

Yoga means many things to many people. For me, it’s about calming the mind through the regulation of the breath – the pranayama. The physical release, and sometimes challenge, that the postures and flow can bring – the asana. And even if for just a minute or two, the cessation of the chatter of the mind that meditation can deliver – the dhyana.

You can expect a class that is relaxed, accessible, and open to all – finding a balance between working the body and relaxing the mind. I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, whoever you are, whatever you want to take from it.