Yoga for Mental Wellness.

A five week intro.

When: Starts 13/09/22
Where: Greens Court, Woburn Sands

Fee: £25

Concluding on the eve of World Mental Health Day 2022, this five week course, aimed towards beginners and those new to yoga, offers an introduction covering Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (physical posture) and Dhyana (meditation), and how these practices can aid the mind and help alleviate mental discomfort.

Yoga and mental wellness…

Yoga is good for the physical body – offering improvements in flexibility, strength and tone, balance and cardiovascular health. Perhaps however, the mental benefits are where it can be most celebrated. It has been shown to lower stress hormones in our bodies, whilst also increasing beneficial brain chemicals such as endorphins. These feel good chemicals can help decrease anxiety and improve mood, it can help lower the fight, flight, freeze responses by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering negative emotions, such as stress, depression and anxiety and improving sleep.

Yoga Sutras 1:2

YOGA is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations of the mind.

About the introduction…

Stress, anxiety and depression are common problems that will affect 1 in 4 of us at some point during our lives. These difficulties can range from a temporary,  transient period connected to a current ‘life event’ or circumstance, to chronic and crippling disorders that can affect someone on a more long term or recurring basis.
It goes without saying that anyone suffering from any mental discomfort, where it is impacting their wellbeing and daily lives, should consult with their doctor or recognised professional for the correct advice and treatment plan. Period.

That aside, working towards and keeping yourself in a place that feels healthy mentally involves a big dose of self-care – what you do for yourself. And that is where Yoga can help.

During this 5 week yoga intro, you can expect to breathe, move and meditate in relaxed, small classes while discovering how this trio of yogic practices can help keep you centered, balanced and feeling more in control. While you don’t have to be ‘suffering’ from anything to benefit from, and enjoy yoga, the practising of it could be thought of as a life skill – something that you can reap rewards from wherever you are in life, both the good times, and the not so good.

Classes are aimed towards beginners and no you absolutely do not need the ability to tie yourself up like a noodle to take part!

Dates: 5 weeks, starts Tuesday 13/09 @6.30pm – 7.30pm
Price: £25
Level: Beginner
Location: Greens Court, Woburn Sands, MK17 8NU

But what do these words even mean??


“Pranayama” refers to breathing techniques and the focusing of the breath. Pranayama can be used to induce states of calm or invigoration. 


When you think of “Yoga”, it is the “Asana” (the physical postures) that will most likely come to mind. Yoga is much, much more than just the physical posture – But “Asana” is the name for the physical postures.


“Dhyāna” is the sanskrit word for what we in the west call “Meditation”. An activity where the individual trains awareness and attention to nurture a mentally clear and calm state. It can be practised in many ways – in stillness, in movement, in quiet, with sound, with visualisation.

Please note: This introduction is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment . You should always consult with your Doctor, or qualified professional if you are expereincing mental health concerns or difficulties.